On-School Time Show

Please note that there is an on-school time performance with
discounted ticket pricing on Friday, December 13, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

Below you will find study guides and information for educational purposes for
The Nutcracker. Please feel free to download and use in your classrooms in conjunction with a field tripĀ (at the Niagara Falls Performing Arts Center, 4455 Porter Road, Niagara Falls, NY)
If you need more information, please contact Diana Guerrucci at (716) 713-9735.

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Nutcracker Study Guide:


Nutcracker Activities:

Nutcracker Activities 001 Nutcracker Activities 002 Nutcracker Activities 003 Nutcracker Activities 004 Nutcracker Activities 006 Nutcracker Activities 007 Nutcracker Activities 008 Nutcracker Activities

Nutcracker Assessment:

Nutcracker assessment

Nutcracker Audition, Rehearsal to Performance:

Audition, Rehearsal to Performance

Nutcracker Lessons:

Nutcracker Lessons 001 Nutcracker Lessons 002 Nutcracker Lessons 003 Nutcracker Lessons 004 Nutcracker Lessons 005 Nutcracker Lessons 007 Nutcracker Lessons

Order of the Nutcracker:

Order of the Nutcracker

Websites to use with Nutcracker:

Websites to use with Nutcracker