Class Descriptions

Primary Ballet 1 & 2

Primary class instills the love of dance and allows for creative expression. Primary 1 is best for ages 4-5 and Primary 2 is best for ages 6-7. Five year olds who have taken Primary 1 can take Primary 2 with permission of the instructor.

Ballet Level 1

Ballet Level 1 introduces young beginners to proper alignment while starting to work on arm/head coordination with a concentration on smooth transitions throughout the exercises. This level is most appropriate for ages 8-11.

Ballet Level 2

A continuation of Ballet Level 1 for advanced beginners and those moving towards more intermediate level work with development of complex movement patterns. This level is most appropriate for ages 9-12 with prior training.

Ballet Level 3

A continuation of Ballet Level 2 for intermediate/advanced dancers. Musicality and quality of movement is emphasized as students develop strength, flexibility and stability. Further progression is expected with the coordination of head, arms, legs, and torso. This level is most appropriate for ages 12+ who have gained mastery of Level 2 skills.


Pre-pointe is a strength and flexibility pointe preparation class for students who are almost ready to start pointe work. For this class, students should wear regular ballet slippers; no pointe or demi-pointe shoes are allowed except for Level 3 students who have cleared pointe assessment. This class is appropriate for Level 2 and 3 students. Permission from the instructor is necessary. In most cases, pre-pointe is a prerequisite to starting pointe work.


Pointe is a 30 minute class for intermediate and advanced students to develop the strength and alignment required for pointe work. Permission from the instructor is necessary.

Ballet Stretch & Drills Class (New!)

Ballet Stretch & Drills Class is a one-hour class for students ages 12-adult. It is perfect for absolute beginners through professional dancers looking for a class to focus on improving turnout, extensions, alignment, ankle placement and feet (pointing toes), as well as strengthening and working on flexibility. Dancers from other genres are welcome! Class consists of 45 minutes of “drills” at the barre (simple exercises to focus on technique as opposed to choreography/complicated patterns) and 15 minutes of targeted conditioning and stretching. For summer, class will be offered both in-person and online.

Modern/Contemporary Dance

This class will focus on foundational elements of Modern dance such as fall and recovery, use of core, floor work, and personal somatic exploration. Then we use those principles in a contemporary performance practice that includes the athletics of Jazz and the control of Ballet. This class is for all levels and most appropriate for ages 12+.